More about us 

We are Dazelle and Tristin

We are a family business and are outright sewing enthusiasts! We love to create magic and joy through our craft!

Whether it be our hundredth special occasion or stage production, we go into each one as if it were our first.

Filled with excitement, it is our pleasure and passion to make dreams come true through sewing, and we will use every tool and skill  to make that possible! 


We have been part of the textile world for many years, in both the fashion and handiwork sectors. Travelling all over South Africa, we have taught many people, of all ages, to sew and create beautiful things using their sewing machines and a bit of inspiration. 

It is our passion to spread this joy and take we take pride in creating a positive, encouraging environment for women to feel empowered.

We believe each woman has a strength within herself to be expressive, assertive and independent through her creativity.

It is our mission to spread a "can do" attitude to every woman and girl.

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